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Our WPC Decking

An excellent composite decking product will provide any outdoor space with a genuine-modern finish, including a wide variety of features that will ensure your protection and peace of mind in the years to come, thus, giving you the privilege of enjoying the sight of your deck area.

We have specified here every detail of our range of product and laid-down their key features. This section of our site will generally give you more information that will give you a concrete idea on the different product features that definitely see AGGTE miles away from its competitors and will lead you to the right direction in choosing for the ideal supplier of your construction needs.

Our WPC Gates

If you are also looking for materials that will help to protect your property and privacy, AGGTE is also here to the rescue because we also supply the newest composite gate materials that are surely designed to last!

You will surely stand out from your neighbors with the AGGTE composite gate panels. It comes in different designs and given such premise, we are very much sure and confident that our gates will add more beauty and contemporary touch to your exterior.

Our WPC Cladding

Exterior composite wall cladding has the capability of making your property look completely refreshed. It is sometimes referred to as house cladding or wall cladding. This material can instantly give a modern make-over on your exteriors. With this type of cladding material, you can make the facade of your homes and buildings blend into your gardens or make you the style of your contemporary domestic or commercial property stand out from the others.

AGGTE supply high-quality cladding to cover your exterior walls which can improve the kerb appeal of your homes and commercial buildings in an instant.

Our WPC Repair Service

Having the right decking, cladding and fencing is only the first part of the installation process, with high-quality trims and fixings playing a vital part to ensure your project is completed properly and give the finishing touch. At AGGTE, we have a range of decking fixings and composite trims to ensure the job is done properly.

Whatever the style and purpose of your project, you’ll find the right composite trims and composite fixingshere to be able to confidently complete it in no time.

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